Sipelia is Genetec’s communication management system that centralizes SIP-based communications throughout your organization. This robust feature of Security Center not only centralizes SIP-based communications but also seamlessly integrates them into your organization’s security framework. The best part? With an upgrade to Security Center 5.11, Sipelia comes at no additional cost.

Sipelia stands out by amplifying your security team’s situational awareness. How? By intelligently integrating incoming calls with your existing security system. When emergencies require swift action, Sipelia ensures you can leverage your entire communication infrastructure to orchestrate a coordinated response and disseminate information to your staff, visitors, and customers.

Let’s delve into the key features that make Sipelia a game-changer:

Unified Integration: Sipelia seamlessly unites your access control and video surveillance with your intercom system. Call stations can now be associated with doors and/or cameras, ensuring that door and camera-related actions are readily available at your fingertips.

Cross-Functional Collaboration on the Go: Enter the mobile app, transforming your mobile devices into on-the-go security communication hubs through Sipelia integration. This facilitates streamlined communication between field officers and the broader security team. Operators can now make and receive calls easily, fostering collaboration without being tied to a security workstation.

Intuitive Call Dialog: Sipelia boasts an easy-to-use call dialog, allowing security teams to initiate, answer, forward, or cancel calls effortlessly. This ensures that your security team remains connected and responsive at all times, even in high-pressure situations.

Audio/Video Calls Between Operators: Real-time collaboration takes center stage with the ability for operators to engage in audio and video calls within the Security Center interface using USB headsets and microphones.

Instant Notifications: Stay informed with visual and audible call notifications. Operators receive instant alerts in the notification tray, leaving no room for unnoticed calls.

Complete SIP Compatibility: Sipelia is fully SIP-enabled, facilitating seamless connectivity with intercom devices, exchange servers, and mobile apps through the SIP standard. Enjoy a consistent communication experience across diverse platforms.

Broad Intercom System Support: Integrate popular intercom brands and models effortlessly within the Sipelia ecosystem, ensuring interoperability that aligns with your unique needs.

Call Reporting and Playback: Run reports to investigate call activity and replay call sessions with associated video. This feature adds a layer of accountability and facilitates continuous improvement in your security processes.

Customizable Ring Groups and Phone Book: Build custom ring groups to ensure incoming calls reach multiple operators. Create a phone book for quick access to call recipients, enhancing efficiency in communication management.

Now included in 5.11, Sipelia?Communications Management redefines how security teams collaborate, communicate, and respond. Elevate your organization’s security posture by integrating intercom communications seamlessly into your Security Center environment. Contact Parallel Technologies today to learn more and upgrade your current version of Security Center.