Office Buildings

Partner with Parallel Technologies to benefit from our intelligent building solutions, customized to meet the specific needs for your office buildings.

Experience enhanced security, reliable communication, efficient IT support, optimized cabling, and seamless cellular connectivity. Trust us to deliver integrated solutions that improve the functionality, productivity, and safety of your office building. Here are examples of how our offerings can help: 

Security and Surveillance

We provide advanced security and surveillance systems that provide peace of mind by ensuring the safety of your office building and the people within it. With surveillance cameras strategically located throughout the premises, access control systems to regulate entry, and video analytics for enhanced monitoring, you can deter unauthorized access and swiftly respond to any security incidents. 

Commercial DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)

We enhance cellular coverage within your office building, ensuring consistent and reliable wireless connectivity for employees and visitors. Eliminate cellular dead zones, boost productivity, and enable seamless communication across all areas.  By deploying our commercial DAS solution, you can provide uninterrupted cellular connectivity to employees and visitors, allowing them to stay connected, make calls, and access critical data anywhere within the office building. 


Our structured cabling solutions optimize communication and connectivity within your office building. Whether it’s copper or fiber optic cabling, our expert technicians design and install reliable systems that support high-speed data transmission and network reliability. With our structured cabling solutions, you can ensure a reliable network infrastructure throughout your office building, enabling seamless communication, fast data transfers, and efficient collaboration between departments. 

Cellular Public Safety

Our cellular public safety solutions enhance communication within your office building during emergencies. By improving cellular coverage and capacity, you can enable reliable communication between occupants and emergency services, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response in critical situations. 

With our cellular public safety solution, emergency responders can communicate seamlessly within your office building, enabling faster response times and potentially saving lives during medical emergencies or fire incidents. 


IT Smart Hands

Our IT technicians can provide on-site support for your office building’s IT infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime. From server installations and upgrades to troubleshooting and hardware maintenance, our experts are there to assist, allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. When you need to set up a new server or upgrade existing hardware in your office building, our IT smart hands can handle the physical installation, cabling, and connectivity, saving your IT team valuable time and effort. 

Start empowering your people through intelligent building solutions, today.