Physical Security

Parallel Technologies offers a range of technology solutions aimed at helping organizations effectively manage and respond to threats in their environments.

These solutions are designed, implemented, and managed with a commitment to meeting clients’ physical security objectives. We understand that each environment is unique, and we leverage our subject matter expertise to tailor our offerings to meet your specific demands.

Our design team starts by listening to the goals of our clients. By understanding these goals, we can design systems that align with our client’s needs. Best practices and proven tools are employed during the design process to ensure that the systems meet the required standards. Additionally, our team takes into account the short and long-term plans of our clients to build scalable systems that can accommodate future growth and evolving organizational needs.

Physical Security Technologies offered by Parallel Technologies:

Video Surveillance

Parallel Technologies provides video surveillance solutions to help organizations monitor and record activities in their environments. These systems often include cameras, video management software, and storage solutions. 

Access Control

We offer access control systems that manage and regulate entry to physical spaces. These systems can include features such as card readers, biometric authentication, and access management software.

Video Analytics

By incorporating video analytics into our client’s surveillance solutions, Parallel Technologies enables organizations to go beyond basic video monitoring. These advanced capabilities provide valuable insights, improve security, optimize operations, and help organizations respond effectively to incidents and potential threats in real-time. Some of the video analytics include license plate recognition, facial recognition, object tracking, people counting, and behavior analysis.



IP-based Intercom systems offered by Parallel Technologies enable communication and control between different areas or individuals within an organization’s premises. These systems may include audio and video communication features.


Parallel Technologies provides intrusion detection systems to protect against unauthorized entry or intrusion attempts. These systems typically involve sensors, alarms, and monitoring capabilities.

Emergency Notification

Parallel Technologies provides emergency notification systems to help organizations communicate critical information during emergencies or incidents. These systems may include alerting devices, public address systems, and mass notification software.

Visitor Management

Parallel Technologies provides visitor management systems to enhance security and streamline visitor registration processes. These systems can include visitor registration kiosks, access badges, and visitor tracking software.

By offering this comprehensive range of technologies, Parallel Technologies aims to assist organizations in managing and mitigating threats effectively, ensuring the safety and security of their environments.

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