Intelligent Building Design for Education

Intelligent buildings for education and schools have one focus: To provide a safe place that fosters the best learning environment for kids.

Because education plays such a significant role in the lives our kids and our communities, we want to provide the basis for progress by giving kids environments that are the cornerstone of learning.

The buildings in which education happens are critical in developing a student’s learning capacity. Factors such as color, lighting, hygiene, proper ventilation, and adequate energy can boost the learning experience and also ensure better learning performance.

On the other hand, poorly lit rooms, improper ventilation, and a learning environment that’s not conducive to good learning standards can mean lower performance and student disposition.

The educational buildings that your kids learn in can have incredibly positive changes in attitudes, while creating an environment that support and fosters amazing experiences.

At Parallel Technologies, we empower educators, teachers, and students through intelligent designs that bring desired change to all buildings including schools and the educational industry at large. The intelligent building projects we’re involved in result in less power consumption, better learning, better conservation of energy, and a reduction of CO2 footprints.

How Intelligent Buildings Help School Districts and Education

Education in America is full of technology to teach students. It’s no secret that many buildings have technology capabilities but may be underutilized in how they leverage technology. It’s our goal to provide solutions that keep kids protected and safe through sensors that detect vaping, fighting, and even active shooter situations. These solutions also allow school officials to communicate by providing wireless communication through Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We want to provide your school district with sensors and IoT devices that also automate controls to better manage the places where our students seek to get inspired.

Intelligent buildings are schools that utilize automated processes to control various aspects of a school’s operations. Schools and colleges have operations that include security, heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and other systems. Engineers can implement this technology during the construction of new buildings, and older schools can also enjoy the benefits of IoT based tech through conversion.

Well-designed intelligent structures allow students, teachers, and administrators the chance to view and control usage patterns, collect data and assign profiles to provide maximum comfort, and give facility managers visibility into predictive maintenance that ensures longer service life of the buildings infrastructure.

The goal is the increase building efficiency and help educators cut costs, to ultimately allocate to other projects.

Education plays a significant part in the lives of our kids by shaping society and support progress. At Parallel Technologies, we want intelligent buildings to protect kids and keep them safe, ensuring they work smarter, while reducing the cost of building operations and the overall environmental footprint.

At Parallel Technologies we specialize in empowering people through intelligent buildings for school districts and the education industry.

Start empowering your people through intelligent building solutions, today.