Parallel is proud to highlight our client Rock Ridge Public Schools and the incredible things they are doing for students in Virginia and Eveleth Minnesota.

ISD2909 recently finished a state-of-the-art high school in a $123 million dollar project. One important component that sets this campus apart is the building design itself and the technology that accompanies it. Multiple displays allow for classes to be divided or combined for better collaboration between teachers and students. The school has cutting-edge labs, an incredible athletics center, and performing art spaces that rival any college campus.

Beyond the building and technology, the focus on academics and career prep is unlike any other school in the nation. The district focuses on pathways, called “Career Academies”, that aim to spark interest in different careers for students. This helps the next generation prepare for life in the real-world outside of school.

Although design and functionality were principal to this project, implementing a unified security platform to keep students and staff safe was also crucial. Rock Ridge Public Schools chose elements of the Genetec K- 12 Security Portfolio to achieve this.

ISD2909 converted all of their security technology over to the Security Center platform, utilizing Synergis for their access control and Omnicast for their video management software. With the help of Genetec and Parallel Technologies, their ultimate goal of consolidating separate systems and standardizing it all into one streamlined platform was achieved.

As a Genetec Unified Elite Partner, Parallel is no stranger to K-12 Genetec takeovers. The Genetec K-12 portfolio was designed to make schools safer for students and staff, responding to the daily needs and challenges that are unique to schools. Genetec offers an exclusive package for K-12 end users.

The Genetec K-12 Security portfolio offers a number of benefits for schools, including:

  • Ensuring student and staff safety by monitoring the physical perimeter and access to restricted areas.
  • Improving response time to planned tasks and unexpected situations by eliminating data silos and ensuring all teams are working in sync.
  • Use of a mobile application, which allows selected staff to monitor the grounds and be notified immediately of possible intruders, day or night.
  • Unified systems for maximum efficiency, minimal downtime and uninterrupted monitoring.

Parallel was proud to partner with Arrowhead Radio and Security for the Rock Ridge High School project. We understand how important it is to keep work to local contractors, and a “parts and smarts” approach allowed Parallel to provide a best-in-class security solution to Rock Ridge Schools, but allow a local trade to perform the installation.

Parallel has the ability to reach rural areas without any compromise on the delivery of your project with our vast network of local service providers across the country.

If you are a school administrator looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective security solution, contact Parallel Technologies today to discuss your unique needs and allow us to help you find the best solution for your school.