Empowering People Through Intelligent Building Solutions

We deliver complete Intelligent Building solutions to organizations, schools, and businesses just like yours. Parallel Technologies is the only single source provider of Intelligent Building solutions that has the necessary technical expertise and experience in equipping organizations with critical infrastructure that result in design solutions that are smarter, more efficient, and cost effective. As a turnkey provider, we empower you and your teams through a proven process around meeting expectations while avoiding costly change orders and delays.

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Intelligent Buildings

What We Do For You

We design and build integrated infrastructure solutions that ensure technology works in harmony throughout intelligent buildings while providing data which manages inefficiencies, saves energy, and provides reliable infrastructure.

How We Do It Better

We understand how structures and technology converge and proactively use our expertise to solve problems, designing solutions that are based on the real life challenges of building operations, rather than reacting to the ever changing technology landscape.

Why Your Organization Matters to Us

Parallel technologies is the only single source provider who can design, build, and manage a fully integrated technology infrastructure solution for intelligent buildings. By being a single source provider, you’re assured greater efficiency, better service, and improved attention to every detail.

Intelligent Buildings

With Parallel Technologies, the service is going to be there, the follow up is going to be there and if there is any trouble in the future, it’s going to be taken care of.

Jay Kim – Le Sueur, Inc.

They are an outstanding provider and have outstanding engineers, some of the best data center engineers that Cologix has ever worked with.

Matt Spencer – Cologix Chief Technology Officer



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