Organizations and business, just like yours, are facing a multitude of threats in their work environments.

Some are simple to solve, while others can be very complicated.

Whether you are a school district, city office, state office, county building, manufacturing business, or a healthcare practice, managing the physical security of your organization can take up much of your time, and these daily tasks can quickly become overwhelming.

It can either seem like there’s perpetually “too much” of one thing or “not enough” of another in terms of security.

Common challenges around physical security

We’ve found that other challenges around physical security happen when you’re spread out geographically.

Working with physical security vendors can quickly become a challenge, especially when managing employee and vendor access into your locations. As we mentioned earlier, it often seems daunting because technology can quickly spiral out of control leaving you with multiple technologies, usually for the same purpose.

The other few problems with physical security arise when you outsource it to multiple vendors, which can lack efficiency. Most businesses and organizations we talk with have physical security solutions that are not user-friendly and rarely provide actionable insights to improve their security situation.

The best way to solve your physical security issues

Having an integrated physical security solution, as a part of your overall intelligent building design process, will optimize manpower, minimize costs, increase safety, and enhance productivity for you and your staff.

This type of physical security strategy will solve a lot of your pain points, allowing you to breath easy and work productively. Like you, we understand the value and importance of a comprehensive security management solution.

Our physical security solutions are network-based and can be implemented at a single facility, across multiple campuses and buildings, throughout a single organization or nationwide.

Physical security solutions to consider include:

  • Keycard and access control systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Video and audio surveillance
  • Barriers, gates, fences, lighting, and emergency notifications
  • Visitor, vendor, employee location management
  • Bio-metric management solutions
  • Networks and communications platforms

It’s our goal to reduce your risk and ensure your physical assets are protected.

We do this through a proven process and comprehensive approach to physical security technology. You’ll want to work with a team, like ours, that has a strong networking and IT/technology background. This is important because you’ll benefit from physical security devices that work for you, not against you.

The end result is properly secured physical assets that are less vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Parallel Technologies has been helping schools, municipalities, and businesses with physical security solutions for more than 20 years.

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