Every year, technology is rapidly changing, bringing people and devices closer together.

Schools, data centers, office buildings, hospitals and healthcare centers, and industrial organizations are always looking for the best network and cabling solutions that benefit them with intuitive functionality.

The foundation of efficient and effective intelligent buildings comes from great network and cabling infrastructure. However, buildings that have poorly designed infrastructure are common, too.  

We’ve learned that many organizations struggle with frustrations like outages, network reliability issues, bandwidth problems, and a lack of access to the network, especially in a remote work environment as part of COVID19. After all, your network now needs to support staff that are going to be permanently working remote and will need access to things like your servers and line-of-business applications.

Even small problems in your network cabling system can cause a severe outage in your network, especially true when your business is expanding and more applications are in demand.

There are five characteristics of the best network cabling solutions or organizations like yours.

They focus on cabling networks that are easy to manage, flexible, reduce the risk of downtime, are cost effective, and ones that support your line-of-business applications and equipment.

Network and cabling solutions that are easy to manage

Network and cabling solutions should begin with a strategy that’s organized, friendly to your business needs, and one that allows network architecture to be performed quickly and easily. Modern structured cabling systems should support many hardware types and different applications from multiple vendors. The best engineered and installed structured cabling systems require little maintenance, freeing up your staff to work on more important projects and applications.

Network and cabling solutions that are flexible

A properly engineered and implemented cabling system is much more flexible than older, multi-vendor environments. Modern structured cabling solutions can include specialized patch cords, with LED ends for tracing connections to devices such as PCs, fax machines, and communications endpoints. With this available, it makes troubleshooting issues with a modern structured cabling system much easier and efficient. Modern structured cabling systems will support these new standards like migration to category 6, allow for data at much higher speeds, improve data for voice and video, and will future-proof your network.

Network and cabling solutions should reduce the risk of downtime

With modern structured cabling systems, it is much easier to narrow down and isolate network faults and solve issues with the network. The entire system is separated into manageable blocks. This allows network administrators the flexibility they need to more easily detect faulty systems without causing any interruption to the other devices on the network. This network design inherently prevents interruption to other areas of the network while fault isolation is taking place. A lot of technology upgrades and changes have taken place since Category 4 and 5 systems were installed in the first decade of the 21st century. A responsible Network Architect or Manager would do well to take a look at the latest technology in Category 6/Fiber structured cabling systems.

Network and cabling solutions that are easy on your budgets

Having a properly engineered and installed structured cabling system is one of the most cost-effective decisions and IT team can make for your business. It will make routine moves more efficient and has tangible and intangible benefits. The increase in productivity, faster rollout of strategic line-of-business applications, and more efficient capabilities will help any enterprise be more successful.

Support application and equipment

With a modern structured network and cabling solution, what used to be a cumbersome process has been transformed into a showcase of valuable assets. Moves, adds and changes to your network that were once time consuming now have the ability to be quick and easy. This bodes well for organizations who are experiencing rapid growth and have immediate need for applications such as video conferencing, audio video enhancements or unified VoIP. Network and cabling solutions are scalable and adaptable to the growing demands of your business and should be designed to be future-proof.

Parallel Technologies has been empowering people through intelligent building designs for more than 20 years. Part of intelligent building design is tapping new technologies like network and cabling solutions.

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