Parallel Technologies’ Data Center (DC) Business  is striding into 2019 with fresh vigor and strategic initiatives. One of the first moves was the promotion of Katie Bensen to Program Manager.

An integral member of the team for more than four years, Bensen excels at managing clients, team members and contractors as well as tackling a variety of responsibilities with an energetic and positive approach. Her willingness to identify areas of growth and focus her efforts in strengthening those areas has placed her in a position to begin refining and streamlining DC business processes.

Before joining Parallel in 2014, Bensen was a design engineer doing what she calls, “the behind the scenes work” – but found herself desiring a change. She realized she much preferred interfacing with end customers and enjoyed the idea of variety and getting out from behind a desk. By taking on her role with Parallel, she was able to do just that, and put her smart business skills to work.

In her expanded role as Program Manager, Bensen will have oversight on the management of all DC projects. She’s responsible for the schedule, scope and financials of all projects as well as understanding potential risks and financial implications surrounding aspects of projects.

Bensen will also lead the other DC Project Managers, providing training and knowledge transfer as new Project Managers are added to the team. This will provide the DC Business with the ability to develop new talent to support their growth.

“I’m most excited about being able to assist clients in finding the most effective solution to reach their goals,” said Bensen. “Finding efficient spends can be a difficult hurdle for clients, and I’m looking forward to taking on this new challenge of working with clients to implement technology roadmaps and ‘do more with what they already have.’”

This philosophy doesn’t just apply to clients.

According to Karrie Schwartz, Business Analyst for the DC Business, she’s looking forward to Bensen’s ability to, “promote Parallel’s core value of pursuing excellence within the DC team. [She is] continuously looking for ways to improve our key business functions and processes.” This includes tracking market trends and staying ahead of the technology curve.

With Bensen’s strong skillset in management, expanding her responsibilities within the DC business is a natural transition. By filling this role, she is supporting growth in various turns and creating room for further development within the Data Center business.

Fun Facts About Katie Bensen: 

  1. She is a scuba diver – and recently visited Grand Cayman Islands! On the way back into shore during one of her dives, she swam with a huge sea turtle, enjoying the awe-inspiring feeling of just hovering over him and swimming along together.
  2. Katie loves to be outside. She and her husband spend quite a bit of time “up north” at their cabin.
  3. She is a volleyball coach currently coaching 4th to 7th graders with the Club 43 league in Hopkins. She has also coached Junior Olympics for middle and high school girls.