Following their presentations on “Edge Computing” and “In-House Training” at last month’s Data Center Word conference, Parallel Technologies’ Data Center dynamic duo of Tim Kittila and Chris Pinc spoke with attendees from around the country. [Click here to view Chris Pinc’s presentation,] [or click here to view Tim Kittila’s presentation from the conference.]

According to Tim and Chris, the attendees were talking about how on-premise data center operations aren’t going away and how hybrid data center strategies combining cloud, colo and on-premises are here to stay. They also discussed the importance of knowing where your data is and making sure it is secure, flexible and cost effective.

We asked Tim and Chris to share what their takeaways were from this year’s conference:

What were the top trends at DCW19?

  • Data centers are not just going the way of the cloud and colo
  • Hybrid strategy is here: mixed use of cloud, colo and on-premise
  • Hyper-scale cloud
  • Edge is alive and growing
  • Own your data center strategy in every detail
  • Need for operational excellence to evolve
  • Enterprise refresh opportunities are growing

What do these trends mean for data center personnel?

  • Expanded responsibility
  • Multi-pronged approach to data center support
  • Design and build for agility
  • Knowing/understanding where the data is, security of the data, reliability of the data and how it aligns with the risk

What are some major takeaways from the show?

  • Knowledge transfer is currently a gap issue
  • Co-location providers are not fully in tune with the dynamics of today’s challenges
  • Data center owners are in a state of indecision with many of the “competing” headlines over the past year and are looking for discussions to help them plan
  • Confusion abounds on what the cloud/colo and on-prem decisions are and how they should be made
  • Many data center folks lack clarity on what is owned, rented, or dependent on a third party
  • IT forecasting (or lack thereof) continues to expand opportunities for cloud, colo, etc.
  • Understanding of the costs or risk because of this – these must be taken into consideration

Interested in speaking with Tim or Chris or learning more about these topics? Contact Parallel’s Data Center team.