Earlier this year Justin Woodruff was officially promoted to Project Manager within the Data Center (DC) business. His role was one of several within the  department that were expanded to support new initiatives.

Justin began his career at Parallel four years ago as a Project Coordinator in the Building Infrastructure (BI) business but soon transitioned into a dual role between BI and DC – living in both worlds for three years. Over the past year, his role has shifted to almost exclusively working with the DC team, taking on increasingly complex projects with larger clients including Altra Federal Credit Union, Polar Semi-Conductor, and Hubbard Broadcasting.

While he may have studied Business Management at St. John’s University, Justin has always been drawn to Engineering. Justin says he loves this work within the DC business because it gives him the opportunity work with smart engineers and he also gets to do what he’s good at – business.

In Justin’s words, it all started one day when his supervisors simply handed him his first solo project and said, “let us know if you need any help!” It was a big moment for him and according to Karrie Schwartz, newly appointed Business Analyst for the Data Center, “we’ve seen a lot of growth and are confident in his abilities. He’s proven that he’s able to handle more significant clients.”

So what does this mean for the DC Business and Parallel as a whole? With the ability to run more projects, the team is able to focus on building trust with clients as a resource for assessments and consultation. With the expansion of Justin’s role, the Data Center team has the bandwidth to identify the unique mission-critical aspects of each client engagement and bring corresponding data solutions to those areas.

Fun Facts about Justin:

  1. He’s a great skier (think double black diamond)
  2. He’s seen the Dave Matthews band 20 times – but believe it or not, he hasn’t even seen them as many times as other super fans who’ve been to HUNDREDS of their concerts!
  3. He once puked on a Great White Shark in South Africa. He was with a group chumming for sharks and then diving under the surface in a cage to watch the action. He swallowed some chum water, came back up on the boat and puked over the side just as a Great White came up for a snack! He immediately puked again on the shark’s eye!

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