At Parallel, we know how important it is to take care of our people, our places, and our assets. Most physical security systems are built with access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. However, there are many additional systems that can be added on to increase your security footprint. These systems are controlled through processes developed by each organization that uses them.

Just having a physical security system in place is not enough. Having the knowledge on how to operate systems, understanding the processes that are in place to use the information that is gained from them and follow through to complete the processes are just as important as the systems that are in place. You can have the most advanced software and hardware available, but when it is not being used properly and with collaborative efforts, you are not reaching your security solutions full potential.

The power is in the data and sharing that data safely and when necessary. Community in the physical security industry is the ability to share the knowledge that we gain from these physical systems within an organization and with other organizations. In todays world, your cameras can solve or even prevent crimes in a neighboring building.

Although processes and system operation knowledge is still needed on the front end, advancements around sharing and new software are giving organizations the ability to exchange this knowledge safely and securely. This allows the sharing of video with multiple organizations with an easy button.

Although this technology is exciting and you may be eager to implement, it is important that organizations meet on a regular basis to discuss process changes and how to advance their collaboration while keeping security in front of mind.

So what does community collaboration look in today’s world?

It starts with organizations sharing live streams of their exterior cameras between each other. An organization can pick and choose which cameras they wish to share with other organizations and there are multiple ways that access can be given. There is also the sharing of recorded video, sending encrypted and password protected videos to others to review for evidence, training and future process development.

Dive deeper into a real-world scenario where Genetec Clearance was used to solve crimes.

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