For most security professionals, reacting to issues and potential situations in a timely manner is a key aspect of their daily activities. To do so in the most efficient way possible, many companies employ an integrated security operations center, a dedicated security staff and a variety of software and hardware – all with the goal of increased awareness of potential risks and the ability to respond to them faster.
But what about the risks you cannot see? Like Donald Rumsfeld said in a press conference in early 2002: “There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”
Those “unknown unknowns” across your physical security infrastructure could represent just as much (if not more) of a security risk as that person of interest that is tracking across your integrated network of cameras.
But how exactly can you paint a better picture of what exactly those unknown risks are?
Vintra, in the latest release of their AI-powered video analytics solution, has introduced a new feature called Vintra IQ, which allows you to quickly establish distinct patterns of activity across your campus, match events to those patterns and find anomalies where known patterns are violated.
Here’s a simple use case: each day at around 1145am, Lab Worker Larry exits the wet lab and heads to the washing station, after which he heads to the cafeteria for lunch. However, for some unexpected reason, on Tuesdays Larry doesn’t head to the cafeteria — instead, he goes outside and sits on one of the benches for a few minutes.
Why did Larry deviate from his regular pattern? For how many Tuesdays has he been doing this? And who exactly is that unknown individual that is sitting on the same bench every Tuesday — have Larry and that POI interacted before? What is their connection?  
This is exactly what Vintra IQ can help you determine.  Vintra IQ allows users to select a person of interest (POI), quickly review either live or recorded video and rapidly identify all of the other individuals with whom that POI has come in contact. Vintra IQ will rank these interactions, allowing the user to identify the most recurrent relationships.
Other use cases include insider threat relationship analysis, IP theft and chain of custody, retail associate customer engagement analytics — any use case where insights regarding the interactions of various people will provide valuable information to your business.
If you would like to see Vintra IQ in person, please make sure to be at our Open House on October 28th. Vintra will be here to demonstrate this new feature as well as their entire AI-powered video analytics solution.
Vintra delivers total-environment awareness from any camera source — either fixed or mobile — and augments human resources by enabling faster, better-informed responses to critical events through actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence. The benefits include:

• VMS agnostic (use any video management platform)

• Camera sources can be live or recorded, fixed or mobile

• Not just for investigating but can deter and prevent – the best way to deal with a threat is assure it never happens again or in the first place

• Automation (let the machine do the work and give your staff the ability to perform their primary responsibilities)

• Can be modified to fit any budget – video analytics are for anyone!

• Better decision making For even more information on this powerful software that is driving a significant impact in the video analytics space, see the white paper on the value of Vintra and their entire solution or contact us to see a demo.