The overwhelming volume of events makes it increasingly challenging for operators to discern and sift through the relevant data. Enter KiwiVision video analytics, a breakthrough in understanding your surroundings. This innovative technology not only automates video surveillance but also empowers you to elevate your operations, enabling your security team to respond swiftly and make decisions rooted in comprehensive insights. In a world dominated by complexity, KiwiVision offers a solution to not just keep up but stay ahead.

With a free license included when you upgrade to Security Center 5.11, say goodbye to traditional surveillance limitations and embrace a new era of actionable insights and enhanced security with KiwiVision. 

Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence

KiwiVision goes beyond basic surveillance by transforming raw camera data into actionable intelligence. This technology allows you to perform efficient maintenance tasks, respond swiftly to critical events, and gain valuable business insights to optimize your operations. Say goodbye to making decisions in the dark – with KiwiVision, your choices are backed by real-time, data-driven information.

Preserving Privacy without Compromising Security

Privacy is paramount, and Genetec understands that. The KiwiVision platform ensures the anonymity and privacy of individuals within your video footage while maintaining the utmost security. Safeguard the rights of your staff, visitors, and customers without sacrificing the effectiveness of your surveillance efforts.

People Counting for Informed Decision-Making

Make informed decisions based on accurate crowd data with KiwiVision’s People Counting feature. Understand the flow of people and crowd behavior better than ever before. Convert data into actionable strategies for both security and operational management.

Camera Integrity Monitor: Preventing Vulnerabilities

Ensure the integrity of your camera system with KiwiVision’s Camera Integrity Monitor. Detect and address camera malfunctions promptly, preventing potential vulnerabilities and gaps in your surveillance network. A proactive approach to camera maintenance that keeps your security system robust and reliable.

Seamless Compatibility for Maximum Value

KiwiVision analytics work seamlessly with any cameras supported by Security Center Omnicast. This ensures that you can harness the full potential of your existing camera infrastructure, maximizing the value of your system. No need for a complete overhaul – KiwiVision integrates effortlessly with what you already have.

Dive into Advanced Analytics Tailored to Your Needs

KiwiVision offers a range of advanced analytics features tailored to your security needs, including:

-Area protection

-Perimeter protection

-Direction control

-Object detection

-Object left behind

-Tailgating detection

-Stopped vehicle detection.

Step into the future with Genetec’s KiwiVision analytics. Elevate your security, operational efficiency, and decision-making processes today. 

Curious to learn more? Contact Parallel Technologies today to explore how KiwiVision can revolutionize your security. Upgrade your current version of Security Center and take the first step towards a smarter, more secure future.