The results are in!

Parallel Technologies held their 14th Annual Chili Cook-off and the competition really heated up this year. Eight teams researched, planned, cooked and executed the best chili that they could.

Each batch was judged based on the E.A.T. method: Execution, Appearance and Taste. In the end “The Nine Irons” took the title with “Above the Line Chili” which was also above all the other competition. The meat-heavy concoction won the judges over, which included chunks of a 12 hour smoked brisket. “The Chippers” came in second with “Buckshot Chili” which was adorned with sliced-up andouille sausage and “The Wedge” came in third with their smoked (literally) “Campfire Chili”. Account Manager James Crabtree put his entire chili batch into his extra large smoker to cook it.

The winners will get their name added to the Chili Cookoff plaque and hold the title proudly…at least until next year.