Parallel Technologies welcomes it’s newest employee… Josh Johnson! Josh joined the Engineering and Estimation Office this Fall. We got a chance to sit down and do a quick Q & A to get to know him better:

Q: What is your background and areas of expertise?

A: My background is in Physical Security integration and A/V product integration. Before that I worked in a consultative role helping audiologists with hearing aid fittings. My focus over the years has been matching technology solutions with client needs. I moved from manufacturing to the integrator side of the business to be afforded more freedom in product selection.

Q: How did you end up at Parallel?

A: In a previous life I worked with Parallel employees Travis Pakonen (Estimation) and Clinton Gallipo (Project Manager). Based on both their recommendation and Parallel’s reputation in the metro (as a leading technology integration company) I was intrigued by the opportunity to come aboard. My goal is to help strengthen Parallel’s positon in the Security market and learn how the other segments of Parallel’s business can integrate and work together.

Q: Three fun facts about yourself?

A: When it’s warm I love to disc golf, when it’s cold I move indoors and enjoy woodworking and I spent several years playing upright bass in a bluegrass band.

Welcome Josh!