Our Omaha office has a new Business Development Manager! Meet Chris Stephens… a building automation specialist with a long history of experience. Chris joined team Parallel at the end of 2020 and has already made some big moves. Read on to learn more about him:

What is your background?

I have nearly 20 years of experience in the building automation space. I have held positions in install, service, engineering, project management, sales, and management. During the later part of my career I have had focus on energy optimization in office, educational, laboratory, and medical facilities which I have found to be enjoyable.

What is your role at Parallel?

I am the Business Development Manager in the Omaha office with my main focus being Building Automation.

 Any fun facts to know about you?

I wish I could say that in my free time I go skydiving and deep sea fishing…but my main focus is my wife Michelle and my three daughters Emersyn, Lilian, and Stella. During the pandemic we have moved from softball, soccer, basketball, robotics, choir, and Girl Scouts to board games, bike rides, nerf fights and video games. As of late, we have started to have ping pong tournaments which I am not the champion of. That title is held by my wife. I am looking forward to changing that in 2021 with my one win against her in 2020. We look forward to life getting back to normal!