The ability to react swiftly to changing security conditions is paramount. Genetec Security Center’s latest version, 5.11, introduces Threat Levels, a tool that not only enhances your security operations but also does it for free. Let’s explore how Threat Levels can revolutionize your security protocols and streamline your response to diverse scenarios.

Threat Levels: Reacting to Events with Ease

Despite its name, Threat Levels are not just for high-stakes security situations. Whether it’s a snow day or a high school basketball game, this powerful tool can be activated at a moment’s notice, saving your team valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually adjusting security settings.

How Threat Levels Streamline Your Security Operations

Unified Threat Level Management: Genetec Threat Levels seamlessly integrate with access control, video surveillance, and intrusion panels. When activated, this feature ensures an immediate response from your security infrastructure, safeguarding your workforce, visitors, and assets.

Choose the Response to Match the Threat: With multiple threat levels at your fingertips, your security team gains the flexibility to choose the most appropriate response for each unique situation. This targeted approach ensures a well-coordinated and efficient security response.

Fully Customizable: Tailor your security protocols precisely to your organization’s needs by creating any number of threat levels. With user-defined names, color coding, and activation/deactivation actions, Genetec Threat Levels adapt perfectly to your specific security requirements.

Flexible Activation Options: Genetec provides you with the power to control the scope of your security measures. Whether activating threat levels across your entire organization or limiting them to specific areas, actions can be triggered automatically by events or alarms or activated manually by your security personnel.

Full Control Over Cardholder Access (requires Synergis): Ensure selective access during heightened security situations, granting entry only to key security personnel through designated doors. Genetec Threat Levels keep your access control in your hands, allowing proactive management and restriction of access.

Full Control Over Your Cameras: Take charge of your video surveillance like never before. Genetec Threat Levels enable you to trigger recording, adjust camera resolution, protect recorded video, and instantly navigate to PTZ presets. Experience unparalleled control over your surveillance infrastructure.

Clear Visual Notifications: In a fast-paced security environment, timely alerts are critical. Genetec Threat Levels provide operators with clear visual and audible notifications, empowering your team to respond with precision and efficiency.

Activate, Protect, Respond: Whether manually activated by your security personnel or an automatic response to an event or alarm, threat level activation changes the state of your Genetec video or access control system, ensuring the protection of your workforce, visitors, and assets.

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