Twice as many middle school and high school students use nicotine-based e-cigarettes this year compared with last year.

This is an unprecedented jump.

In light of this, we want to show you the success other school districts have experienced through educating students as well as leveraging technology to curb their teen-vaping challenges.

The innovative technology we’ve been referring to works to detect the unique chemical signature (too faint for humans to smell) released from vaping devices and alerts administrators when the vaping is detected.

The HALO Smart Sensor from IPVideo Corp. integrates into your school’s existing video surveillance system and building automation systems. It’s seamlessly installed in classrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms and hallways, and the solution can be used to detect smoke and loud noises such as glass breaking or gunshots.

School success #1

First, let’s start with Saxony Luther High School, in Jackson, Missouri.

They’re a private school that had tons of issues with students vaping in restrooms and locker room areas. The Principal, Mark Ruark, knew he couldn’t make students stop vaping altogether, but he CAN ensure that students aren’t vaping in his schools’ restrooms or locker rooms.

This school district began using the HALO sensors and instantly addressed most of their vaping struggles. HALO smart sensors are a multi-sensor device capable of detecting vape, smoke, THC and sound abnormalities like shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed.

“I can say this very simply, the HALO sensors have completely eliminated vaping in the restrooms and locker room area’s at our school. They have been better than advertised! When you add in the tampering alarm and the bully component, it has been a great asset to our staff and school. The ease in installation and programming, along with the success we have experienced make them worth every penny!” – Mark Ruark, Principal, Saxony Lutheran High School

School success #2

Next is Salamanca City Central School District, which is part of the New York Public School system.

Instead of telling students that technology was going to be installed inside their schools, they took a very gentle, involved approach. They had a positive mindset, involved students and parents, and even made several videos explaining the presence of the devices.

Their goal was to leverage technology to reduce vaping on school grounds while creating a positive environment where students can learn without the harmful affects of e-cigarettes.

“The HALO sensors are a new and very important component of our district’s plan to deter and detect vaping and most importantly to educate students on its harmful effects. We took a very positive approach to the installation, throughout the purchase and install process, students were made aware of the upcoming devices. Our school principals made several videos explaining their presence and our goal to stop vaping, not to catch students and give consequence. Within the first three days of installation, nine students were caught vaping with reports from students that after only two weeks vaping decreased drastically.” – Dr. Mark D. Beehler, Assistant Superintendent, Salamanca City CSD

School success #3

In Minnesota, ISD #196 recently had vaping detection sensors installed and is already seeing success. ISD #196 is located in the south suburban Twin Cities, near Minneapolis and St. Paul.

At Parallel Technologies, we want to help you use innovative technology solutions to help you address vaping in your schools.

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