Our History


Humble Beginnings

Parallel Technologies, formerly P&T Communications, was founded in Robbinsdale, Minnesota by Mr. Poston and Mr. Thorgrimson. The two gentlemen started doing business out of their homes and focused strictly on voice and data cabling. Yes, the company was named after its co-owners, despite a rumor that “P & T” stood for “pull and tug” cabling.



Change in Ownership

After a change in ownership, the company was renamed Parallel Technologies. The new owners acquired a company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa called Communications Engineering Company. The company continued to grow its primary low voltage cabling business to a peak of $6M in revenue


IP Integration

Dale Klein purchased Parallel Technologies with a vision of building an IP integration services division to complement the existing low voltage cabling business. Delivering data center and IP networking products and services over the next 3 years, Parallel’s revenue grew by 300% through refocusing efforts, centering on enterprise, commercial, and government entities. In 2007, Parallel was formally recognized by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as one of the fastest fifty growing private companies in Minnesota.



Physical Security

Parallel Technologies launched its Physical Security practice, focusing on IP-based security solutions. Security solutions prior to this time ran on disparate private networks and didn’t leverage the investments already made in IP networks. IP video surveillance and electronic card access continues to be a growing and successful practice for Parallel Technologies


Gaining Efficiency

The economy took a turn for the worse the banking industry fell into financial turmoil, eventually causing the economy to slide into a recession. While these were very troubling times, Parallel Technologies continued to see the world differently. Combating rising energy prices, growing security concerns, and a fundamental need to gain more efficiency out of existing assets, Parallel Technologies embarked on its true vision integrating a myriad of IP technologies.


Solving Real World Challenges

Parallel Technologies accepted it was a different world. In a down economy, the company focused on its data center and building infrastructure technology solutions. Parallel provided its customers with data center mechanical & electrical design/build services, raised floor infrastructure services, and compute platform solutions. These offerings allowed Parallel Technologies’ clients to solve real-life challenges rather than simply reacting to changing data center environments.

Additionally, Parallel Technologies launched its Intelligent Building practice. With buildings consuming 48% percent of the nation’s energy supplies, Parallel Technologies is pursuing opportunities to integrate building infrastructure with other applications on the IP networks. We are passionate about helping companies drive out building inefficiencies while providing a more reliable infrastructure



Rewriting the Rules

The company’s repositioning in 2010 proved successful. Parallel Technologies grew its revenue by 125% over two years by increasingly bringing more value to their customers.

All the traditional rules are being re-written right now. Business leaders demand change; they expect more from their network, building, and data center infrastructures. Buildings are getting smarter. Indeed, the world is changing and the old ways of doing things are just not going to cut it.

While technology continues to develop at Parallel Technologies, our core focus of bringing infrastructure technology solutions to our customers remains unchanged.



Moving Into the Future

As we move forward, Parallel Technologies’ unique expertise in Data Center design along with years of experience realizing the dream of intelligent buildings make us uniquely positioned for the future. Every building, will benefit from technology in energy savings, data security, space allocation, occupant comfort and ease of control. Parallel will be the one single source provider who will help data center a building owners leverage technology to answer business objectives


Building of the Innovation Lab

Parallel invests in their one-of-a-kind Innovation Lab. The lab is a space for Parallel’s technical teams to work efficiently and have a place where they can develop and test new technologies. It’s also meant as a demonstration space for all of the solutions we offer. Schedule a visit to the lab today!

Start empowering your people through intelligent building solutions, today.