When it comes to mission critical infra-structure, “the devil is in the details”. Data Centers are a complex combination of cross dependent mission critical systems that range far and wide; from applications to IT hardware, network and communications infra-structure to power and cooling systems, physical layer to security systems. The Uptime Institute has taken a strong stance in recognizing that it isn’t enough to simply design systems to be reliable; those systems must be fully implemented in accordance with their design goals and objectives in order to ensure that end users’ key business initiatives can be achieved. The Uptime Construction certification process includes a formal commissioning process that is too often overlooked. The next step will be to continuously broaden the scope of commissioning standards across the different disciplines.  There is no substitute for a  solid commissioning procedure at the end of any design/build engagement, no matter how small. Those who skip this step are fooling themselves and are likely setting their business up for the future outages, operational downtime and equipment inefficiencies.

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Nate-Clyde-175x21-finalNate Clyde, PE

Director, Data Center Infrastructure Delivery

Nate has worked since 1995 in the design and specification of high-reliability HVAC systems for support of critical data processing applications. He joined Parallel Technologies in January of 2012 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer after serving as Vice President of an IT Services company for over 16 years. He moved into his Director role here at Parallel in January, 2013. Nate has enthusiastic passion for what he does and has a talent for communicating its complexities to clients.