Building Automation

At Parallel Technologies, we understand every building is unique, so we take different approach to achieving your goals and objectives for your building. We start by asking a lot of questions and we listen carefully to understand your goals and objectives for your building. We work together to ensure we have a long-term strategy to support our client’s business. We design and implement solutions with your goals in mind throughout the implementation.  

As Technology Contractor or as a Master System Integrator, we focus on empowering people through intelligent buildings. Foundationally our building automation solutions maximize energy efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure a comfortable workplace. But it does not stop there. As a technology company, we can also provide all the related underlying technology, such as networks, databases, security, cabling, equipment rooms, and communications protocols between devices. 

Under our definition of intelligent building and building automation it includes data analytics to put the power in the client’s hands. With gathering all the underlying data, regardless of the supporting building automation system, we can aggregate the data to view your building’s performance in a whole new way. We offer a unique window into all your buildings.  We turn data into meaningful and actionable information to smartly manage energy consumption and accurately predict building outcomes through dashboards and reports.


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